Everything you need to know

Every month we will be giving away a digital KS gift card of £20!

Do you want to know how to participate? It's very easy, read it below! 

1. How to participate?

1. Follow us on Instagram or TikTok

2. Write a short review or comment on one of our Instagram or TikTok posts from the current month.

This can be a review or comment about:

⭐️ the product(s) featured in the post

⭐️ the brand(s) featured in the post

⭐️ any other related product recommendations 

⭐️ your experience with KS like our service, packages, etc.

2. How will we choose the best review?

For the best review, the KS Team is looking for:
⭐️ Informative content, that is helpful for other KS customers
⭐️ Honest and genuine feelings/experiences/thoughts

Note 1: only those located in regions we ship to will be considered to win the digital gift card
Note 2: the review or comment need to be written in English or Dutch

We are already receiving some really nice reviews and comments on our posts, so here are some examples:

3. When will we pick the winner?

Every end of the month we will pick the winner.

The winner will be notified through a DM on Instagram or TikTok and will be featured in our monthly newsletter email!

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We cannot wait to see your reviews and comments!

Wishing you all the best of luck!

KS Team

Terms & Conditions

1. The KS Team reserves the right to choose the Review of the Month.
2. Only those located in regions we ship to will be considered to win the digital KS gift card.
3. The review or comment needs to be written in English or Dutch.
4. The digital KS gift cards are valid 1 year.